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CRITICAL GRAVITY is a challenging, physics based, pipe racing simulator for PC & PC VR.

The Steam Version contains a free demo that is more recently updated. This was my first deployed game so it was a learning experience. Thanks for checking it out. If you want a free Steam key hit me up. If you like the game and want to support it buy it on Steam. 


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two questions: will it work with oculus link and does it have wheel and petal support?

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Yep. Its best with Oculus link. I have used a Thrustmaster wheel and pedals but I have also found that some wheels dont work. I have not had the time to support all wheel types but there is an input configuration menu so you can customize inputs for most control combinations. I use VR hands to drive in the Oculus Quest and when I play on PC I steer with the mouse, lol. It has very fine grained control at the super fast speeds. I do sometimes use my wheel in VR but the VR tracked hands on the Virtual Wheel gives good fine control. If anyoen is reading this and is interested in me updating this demo please drop a comment. Thanks Border_Elite!

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I'll be sure to give you an update if it'll let me use my g29, games like trackmania don't work right and i end up having to turn the wheel all the way to get the car to turn and the petals reverse

Edit: it seems that it doesn't register any input from my wheel or petals.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll check the axes on the g29 and see if there is something i am missing.

I'm not sure what i did but i did manage to make it work, i might've had something else running that was stopping my wheel from working right.