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CRITICAL GRAVITY is a challenging, physics based, pipe racing simulator for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. WMR headsets can be made to work.

WARNING : Hard learning curve!

This version is a free demo and test bed for the eventual re-release on Steam. The full Steam version will have more tracks,  leaderboards, achievements and final polish.  This version contains 4 modes, Easy, Race, Hard and Online Multiplayer in Alpha.

The car can be driven with Avatar hands but you can also setup custom inputs.

Voice Commands:

1) Re-center  (Resets your Rift and Vive tracking)

2) Quit Track (Quits the current track and returns to the  main menu.)

3) Quit Game (Quits the game when in the main menu.)

Join https://discord.gg/SMewxTX for a Steam Key while supplies last.

Hit 'Add to Collection' or 'Follow' to get regular updates and release notifications. 

To Support the game monetarily it can be purchased here:  Multiplayer between ITCH and STEAM is not supported.



critical-gravity-demo-win.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Oct 12, 2019

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