A downloadable Orbital Dogfight for Windows

A Virtual Reality Orbital Dog-Fighting prototype.

Combines orbital mechanics and traditional dog-fighting in Virtual Reality.

Test your flight skills, engage hostiles, and achieve orbit!

Use your hands to interact with the ship interface or by sending voice commands.

Target your enemies and see their shields, armor and hull value.

Give some feedback here or join the Discord channel https://discord.gg/Xt5yPf

Install instructions

Download unzip and run the OrbitalDogfight.exe

Hit Escape to Quit... 

Check the Devlogs for Tutorials 


This is a super basic prototype. Enjoy and play responsibly.

Tested on the Oculus Rift CV1.

Recommending  solid VR rig for this. Runs at about 100fps on a  Gtx980ti.


OD.zip 55 MB

Development log


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Cool, I was just talking about possible games like this and just saw you follow.  Does momentum build up  so that acceleration in one direction needs to be cancelled out before moving backwards?  Do you have twitter?  Maybe we can have a chat about this?

Thanks for taking a look Michael! Yes , velocity is conserved as well as angular momentum. To head in the opposite direction the ship would need to cancel is forward velocity. There is not a Twitter handle for OD yet but it is now on the list. Love to chat more about the mechanics. Thanks again!


So glad to hear you added that touch of realism!  Nice work!