Orbital Dogfight Log 0010

With the integration of ammo mechanics Orbital Dogfight gets closer to becoming a real game.

Players now have to think about conserving their ammo and where to get more when running low.

Ammo crates have been dropped off at landing sites for just this purpose. 

Much more to come! 

DEVELOPER CHALLENGE : Can you make it to Orbit? This is an open challange and will be one of the first BIG achievements in the game.


1) Giving the game 5 Stars on Itch will help more players see it in their feed which helps development immensely. If you do NOT think it deserves 5 Stars please send feedback so the game can be improved and may EARN your 5 Star Rating.

Leave Comments and Feedback on Itch or the Discord linked.

Thank you very much for your time, thoughts and suggestions.



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Jun 24, 2019

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