Orbital Dogfight Log 0009.1

Do you really know your orbital mechanics?  Test your knowledge and skills now!

Orbital Dogfight is based on Newtonian mechanics. Players who understand these fundamentals as they apply to navigating a space craft will have a distinct advantage over those who do not. This is a major game mechanic of Orbital Dogfight that distinguishes it from other space games.

Notice in your favorite space shooters that the game treats space flight more like atmospheric flight with no gravity. Space battles are pretty much 'parked' affairs, which might make sense for deep space but not for an asteroid field or close to a planet. Orbital speeds should be palpable to the player but most of the time they are not. Not anymore. Since Kerbal Space Program upped the standard for real orbital mechanics it is time for that revolution to bleed into the space shooter.

Challenge: Can you get to a stable orbit and destroy a ground target from space? Completely possible in this version. Test your skills =)

Minor Updates:

Alpha Muzzle Flash is working. 

Ship and Target status HUDs have improved resolution.

More cockpit work. 


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Jun 11, 2019

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