Orbital Dogfight Update Release

Orbital Dogfight v2 is out with  developer challenges:

1) Can you make it to orbit? (First person to orbit will make the Credits) Submit a screenshot. 

2) Can you find and destroy the enemy base? (First person to destroy the base will make it to the Credits) Submit a screenshot.

Updates includes: 

A larger play area: 100 km radius planet with test terrains (Check out the vlog that got cut short)

A larg asteroid ring that you can brave. If an asteroid is knocked off course the stability of the ring could be comprised.

New enemies: Orbiting missile platform.. watch out, and a small base with all three enemy weapon systems... can you kill it?

Improvements on the back-end to the origin controller, atmospheric shader, enemy scanning mechanics and more.


Finger colliders have been disabled so you can no longer 'push buttons' but they will be back soon. For now use voice commands, they are faster anyway.

VOICE COMMAND LIST: (Saying a voice command that is already toggled ON will toggle the function back OFF, visible on the overhead button panel: white is ON red is OFF) 

Center Headset - The most important for VR. Will trigger after 3 seconds.

Brakes - Applied brake torque to your ship's wheels. Different then the  air brakes on the right hand grip trigger

Cockpit Lights - toggles a light in the cockpit

Stability: Adds stability to your ship by adding torque to keep it pointed the direction it is already facing.

Hover: facing the horizon 

Prograde: facing the direction of your ship's velocity

Retrograde: facing the opposite direction of your ship's velocity

Normal : facing perpendicular to the plane of your orbit (used for inclination change)

Anti Normal : facing perpendicular to the plane of your orbit (used for inclination change)

Radial : facing gravity

Anti Radial : facing away from gravity


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Apr 20, 2019

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