Orbital Dogfight Log 0006

Thanks for coming!!!

New Features: =)

Orbiting Practice Targets. Of course you don't have enough to shoot at, now you have more!

Radar System Updated to include Focus Icons and active missiles plus ZOOM functions. Now you can see them coming or hunt them down!

Cockpit version v0.0.0.2. More refined cockpit for ideal visibility and function. Looking for thoughts and ideas always.


1) Be the first to get a confirmed kill on the Freighter, its leaving the system and heavily armed so GL!

2) Be the first to take out a Defense Missile Tower (land based or orbiting) GL!

Future Considerations:

Multiplayer is now being researched. Stayed tuned for updates.

Thank you for coming! Please share and send feedback!

A quick video on the cockpit: 



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May 18, 2019

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